Merlijn Sebrechts

Merlijn Sebrechts

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“We really need to do something about the valve. We've passed the point where we can wait two more years to see how it progresses.”

When I submitted my first paper, I realized I had no idea who owned my research! Was I authorized to transfer the rights to a journal or did I need someone else's permission? After some digging, I found the answer and wrote it all up in a neat little document. So here's the dusted off version, in case it's useful to anyone else.

I restored my blog from an old backup I had. I imported it into Hugo, a static blogging platform.

So, I'm having a problem with my laptop. When I'm using the “TelenetWiFree” connection, I get disconnected after a certain amount of time, and for some reason I cannot reconnect until I restart my computer. Toggling the hardware Wifi kill-switch, which lets you disable and enable the power to the wifi hardware, does not resolve the problem. After re-enabling the hardware, the wifi doesn't seem to come back again. Only a reboot makes the Wifi work again…

I got a ticket to the Pragmatic Docker Day meetup in Ghent in exchange for writing a blogpost about it. Free food, drinks & awesome talks for a whole day, who would want to miss that? Not me!

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