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Merlijn Sebrechts

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software engineering

This is a small selection of recorded talks and guest lectures I gave in the past.

I love sharing my knowledge, both with peers and with the wider public! Contact me if you’re looking for a speaker or guest lecturer on one of these topics.

Open source

  • Keynote: AI is breaking Open Source (recording, slides)
    Drupalcamp Ghent, May 2024

  • [Dutch] How open source software is changing the (AI) world (slides, interview recording)
    Science Festival Ghent, November 2023

Community building

  • Do-ocratic communities: when merit is not the only metric (recording)
    Ubuntu Summit, November 2023

  • How to solve conflict in a community of equals (recording)
    rC3, December 2020

  • Building Communities with Do-ocracy - Hackerspace Design (recording)
    36c3 Podcast, December 2019

  • Do-ocracy done well (recording)
    36c3, December 2019


  • Bringing orchestration to the edge with Wasm component model (recording)
    Wasm Research Day 2023, October 2023

  • Lightweight Kubernetes Operators with WebAssembly (recording)
    Fosdem 2023, Februari 2023

DevOps & Linux

  • Panel: Platform Engineering: Unveiling the Next Evolution in DevOps (recording)
    DASA Connect, May 2024

  • Bringing Windows Applications to Linux App Stores (recording)
    Ubuntu Summit, November 2023

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