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I bought the Dell EcoLoop Pro, so you don’t have to.

Dell EcoLoop Pro

At the beginning of this year, I bought the Dell EcoLoop Pro Slim and regretted it immediately. The advertising for it is borderline deceptive, in my opinion.

My previous experience with Dell backpacks is that they look stylish and professional, are very handy, and very durable. I’ve used my previous Dell backpack for about 6 years, and it’s still very useful, although it’s starting to look a bit dated.

When looking for a replacement, I landed on the Dell EcoLoop Pro (CP5723) backpack. The marketing materials show a stylish but versatile backpack that continues Dell’s great track record in this space.

Super smooth and sturdy backpack according to promo pic

In the ads, the EcoLoop Pro looks super slick

The reality, however, is far from it. What I received looked like a cheap knock-off version of what the listing showed. While the backpack is functionally the same, the exterior fabric looks a lot cheaper and crumpled up. The stiff, professional, modern look that sold me is nowhere to be found. At first I thought this must have been a mistake, but after checking again, it’s clear that this is the EcoLoop Pro backpack. The material just looks completely different in real life.

Picture of crumpled up Dell EcoLoop Pro backpack

In reality, the EcoLoop Pro is a crumpled-up mess

After comparing third-party pictures and video’s of Dell’s backpacks with their marketing materials, I found that this was was an issue with the entire EcoLoop Pro line, but not with EcoLoop Premier!

Dell EcoLoop Premier

So I bought the Dell EcoLoop Premier backpack, and I’m a fan! This is an incredibly high-quality backpack and it still looks amazing, almost a year after I bought it! The Premier backpack actually looks like the promo pictures in real life.

Picture of Dell EcoLoop Premier backpack after one year of use Picture of Dell EcoLoop Premier backpack after one year of use

In reality, the EcoLoop Premier looks super nice!

Note that I’ve been heavily using this backpack for almost one year. I use it almost every single day when commuting to my job by bike, and I’ve taken it on a number of flights. I’m not the most careful person in the world, but it could handle me! The only complaint I have is that one of the leather straps on the zipper broke. But that’s easily replacable.

In conclusion

While the Dell EcoLoop Pro is a useful backpack, it looks terrible and crumpled up. The EcoLoop Premier, however, looks great and is very sturdy. Both backpacks are useful due to their many compartments and carry-on strap, but the EcoLoop Premier is definitely worth its price if you care about the looks and sturdyness of your backpack.

Picture of Dell EcoLoop Premier backpack after one year of use

Side-by-side comparison for increased effect. EcoLoop Pro Slim on the left, EcoLoop Premier Slim on the right.

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